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  • What is ONE Banana’s main purpose?
    • We are on the mission to grow great-tasting, high-quality, and delicious bananas and produce natural banana ingredients in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
  • How does ONE Banana grow its delicious bananas?
    • We grow our bananas in the fertile and tropical microclimates of Guatemala, Peru, and Ecuador, where our farms are located. We follow the highest standards for sustainability, good practices, food safety, quality, and traceability. Our international certifications prove our commitment to growing great-tasting, high-quality bananas for our customers.
  • Does ONE Banana cultivate conventional or organic bananas?
    • We produce premium and organic bananas, following the highest standards for sustainable production. Our premium bananas are Cavendish, the most popular variety of bananas grown worldwide; our organic bananas are grown on organic farms in Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador, meeting the strictest standards of the Department of Agriculture of the United States’ program for organic foods.
  • Where can I purchase bananas from ONE Banana?
    • You can purchase our sustainable, family-grown ONE Bananas from supermarkets and our retail partners over the EEUU.
  • What other products do you have?
    • We grow high-quality and delicious bananas and produce natural banana ingredients used as raw materials in the food industry. We make banana ingredients under a zero-waste approach to maximize the use of surplus banana production from our own farms, by producing the highest quality puree, flakes, and powder.
  • How is ONE Banana committed to sustainability?
    • At ONE Banana we are committed to an integrated regenerative approach. Our focus on regenerative agriculture aims to promote soil health, water conservation, increased productivity, biodiversity care, and actions to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. We place nature and people at the center of our operations.
  • Is the ONE Banana company certified?
    • We hold more than ten certifications that prove our high standards in production and sustainability, including the Rainforest Alliance, Global GAP, CSC, BASC, and Upcycled certifications.
  • Are you a family business?
    • Yes. We are a third-generation, family-owned, vertically integrated company committed to the preservation of our resources and the responsible production of the highest quality bananas and ingredients from our own farms.
  • Where can I find information about ONE Banana’s corporate sustainability?